Stay Safe While Vacationing: 3 Mistakes Women Should Avoid for a Worry-Free Trip

Hey ladies! At, we're all about protecting women and making sure they have the knowledge to stay as safe as possible in every aspect of life, including while on vacation. We absolutely love traveling too. Going on a fun trip is not just a chance to unwind and relax, but it's also an opportunity for self-discovery. But, here's the thing, as women, we must prioritize our personal safety during these adventures. There are so many way we can better protect ourselves from harm, but we are only going to discuss 3. 

Let's dive into the three common mistakes we need to avoid to ensure our travels are as awesome as can be!

Mistake #1: Skipping Research and Planning:
Alright, we get it! Research and planning may not sound like the most thrilling part of a vacation, but trust us, it's important. Sadly, some of us just jump into a trip without knowing much about the destination. Many years ago, this might've been an easier feat to accomplish. The world is much different now and we can no longer jump into a vacation situation unprepared. It's a big mistake! Whether you're heading abroad or keeping it local, take the time to gather info about your destination. Check out local customs, cultural norms, and what is on their local news websites. Most of them can be translated into English or whatever language you prefer. 

When you are looking for a place to say - don't forget to read reviews about accommodations, neighborhoods, and transportation. You want to be aware of any potential risks like high-crime areas or common scams. Being in the know will help you make smarter decisions while on vacation. To do this, browse trustworthy travel websites, read their reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends. When you're well-informed about the surroundings, you'll reduce the chances of finding yourself in unsafe situations. That's a big win.

Mistake #2: Not Prioritizing Personal Security Measures:
Listen up. We cannot stress this enough: personal security is a big deal. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the excitement and newness of our surroundings that we forget even the most basic of security measures. We let our guard down and think nothing can harm us, especially if we're staying in an all-inclusive resort. Know that kind of thinking is dangerous. Not everyone has our best interest at heart. Neglecting basic security practices only makes us more vulnerable to potential threats.

Take charge of your personal security. Opt for secure and well-lit transportation, especially if you're out late. Stay in areas that are populated and avoid walking down dark creepy alleyways alone. Keep expensive jewelry and gadgets hidden to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Thieves who think you are wealthy, even if you are not, will try to capitalize on it. 

If it's legal, carry a self-defense weapon like pepper spray. We recommend also investing in reliable travel locks to keep your valuables secure in your suitcase. Use hotel safes with caution... Look at Youtube to discover just how easy they are to break into. It shocked us too.

When going out, only carry essential identification documents and payment methods. Whenever possible, travel in groups for that extra sense of security. By incorporating these simple security measures into your travel plans, you'll significantly reduce the chances of finding yourself in dangerous situations.

Mistake #3: Partying Too Hard and Going Overboard with Alcohol:
We love to have a good time, especially when we're on vacation. But we also believe things are better in moderation, especially when we are in an area that is unfamiliar. Trying out the local cuisine and sipping on exotic drinks is all part of the experience, and guess what? We can do both responsibly. If we don't, the excessive alcohol or substance use can seriously mess with our judgment and make us vulnerable to dangerous situations and people. It's important to stay in control.

Please, drink responsibly. Know your limits. Eat something substantial before you drink and stay hydrated. Never ever leave your drink unattended, and always keep an eye on it. It's also a great idea to travel with a trusted companion who's got your back. You both can be on the look out for anyone trying to add something dangerous into your drinks. One last thing - don't forget to brush up on the local laws and customs when it comes to alcohol. 

As we embark on our vacation adventures, let's keep personal safety front and center. By avoiding these three common mistakes, we can enjoy our travels with more confidence. At, we want you to make informed decisions while exploring the world. Your safety is in your hands. Don't forget that. So, take those necessary precautions and have an incredible vacation experience. 

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