myCharge Portable Charger

For executive protection details, having a backup phone battery that is reliable, small, and versatile is key. There have been countless occasions where female agents have been on a detail that involved their client going shopping for hours, going to doctor appointments, sporting events, going on hikes, or spending time at a venue that didn't have any place to plug in/charge devices. 


Having the myCharge portable charger is a game changer. Not only does this charger have different cords to fit the android or iPhone, it provides the phone with 6x the normal battery life. This is likely going to be enough to keep you phone charged throughout the day. 


When our phones are running low on battery, what we like to do is carry a fanny pack or easily accessible backpack and allow our phones to charge while providing 100% protection to our client. The benefit to these portable charging devices is that it chargers our phones 3x as fast as a normal outlet would and we don't need to be wired to a wall outlet so the phone can charge. 


People have asked, "Why are you using your phone during a detail?" Well, if you have ever been on an executive protection detail, you will understand that there is a lot more to them than simply standing and watching for threats. Not only will you need to communicate with EP partners but you will sometimes have to communicate with multiple drivers, foreign liaisons, hotel management, restaurants, venue security staff and more. You might have to do all of these things while helping navigate to a destination as well. Being an executive protection agent involves much more than simply protecting a client from internal and external threats. 


Another super important feature is that the charger plugs straight into a normal USA wall outlet. If there is ever a situation where the agent is close to an outlet, the agent can plug the charger into the wall and let it charge while performing EP duties. Just make sure to come back for it! 


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