Discreet Self-Defense Weapons for Women: 
Our Favorite Tactical Pens 

Tactical Pens for Women Self-Defense

Protect Yourself with a "Kubotan" 

A tactical pen (Kubotan) is more than just an ordinary writing tool; it is a versatile and powerful tool designed to enhance personal safety and preparedness. Unlike regular pens, tactical pens are constructed from very durable materials like aluminum or steel. This makes the pens sturdier and more resilient to damage. Another characteristic that sets them apart is their self-defense functionality. Many women have these pens in their purse as an emergency method of delivering forceful strikes to an attacker. 

The discreet appearance of tactical pens makes them ideal for personal security. They look like ordinary writing pens, so people don't think they are a defensive weapon. Some other notable features to tactical pens is that many also come equipped with practical features such as glass breakers, LED flashlights, or DNA catchers, making them valuable assets in emergencies. Whether it's for personal safety or practical applications, these pens offer an array of benefits that regular pens cannot match.

How Does the Tactical Pen Work?

The tactical pen's design generally features a pointed and rigid end that can deliver forceful strikes to an assailant. When used with proper techniques, a tactical pen can cause significant discomfort, hopefully giving the user seconds to escape from dangerous situations. It is important to know the different areas on the human body that are most vulnerable to attack by a tactical pen. There are probably a dozen more areas the user can target on the body, but we have listed the easiest areas for a user under duress. 

Aim for these spots if you ever are in a situation that requires using force with your tactical pen:

When considering the use of a tactical pen, it is crucial to remember that its purpose. The goal is to remove the threat and get away. Don't go overboard. Nowadays, you will be held legally accountable for every action you take during an altercation. We understand this might upset some people, but we have to reiterate your goal isn't to kill the other person. You must only use the exact amount of force necessary to remove the threat. 

Even though tactical pens are not illegal and can be purchased as self-defense tools, it's essential to use them responsibly and solely for self-defense purposes. Avoid any actions that could be misinterpreted as intending to cause harm or injury to others.

How to Grip the Tactical Pen:

It's amazing how different grips can greatly impact the effectiveness of using a tactical pen as a self-defense tool. 
When using a tactical pen, consider these various grips to maximize its defensive capabilities:

Standard Grip: Hold the tactical pen as you would hold a regular pen for writing, with your thumb on top and fingers wrapped around the body. This grip provides precision for striking sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, or throat of an assailant

Ice Pick Grip: Hold the tactical pen with the writing end downward, similar to holding an ice pick. This grip is useful for stabbing or thrusting motions, targeting an assailant's vital areas with focused force.

Fist Grip: Conceal the tactical pen in your closed fist, with the writing end protruding between your fingers. This grip can surprise attackers in close-quarter situations, allowing for quick and unexpected strikes.

Reverse Grip: Hold the tactical pen with the writing end facing backward, and your thumb wrapped around the pocket clip or opposite end. This grip provides versatility in both striking and hooking movements.

Remember, proper training and practice are essential to using different grips effectively. There are several wonderful Youtube videos created for these situations. We also recommend seeking guidance from experts because they can help you develop proficiency and confidence in using a tactical pen for self-defense. They will also teach you to always prioritize de-escalation and escape when confronted with a threat. Remember, if de-escalation techniques do not work, only use the tactical pen as a means of creating an opportunity to get to safety. 

When traveling in an airport with a tactical pen, it is important to be aware of potential scenarios:

You might be able to pass through security gates with no problem. The tactical pen is pretty discreet so TSA might not even notice. That being said, they might notice the tactical pen and confiscate it. The last scenario is that TSA finds the pen and you get hit with severe legal consequences. WWFB takes no responsibility in your actions after reading this article. Please review our terms and conditions

Always be mindful of the laws and regulations related to carrying self-defense tools during air travel. Always think through things carefully before choosing which path you want to take.

Other uses for tactical pens:
Aside from their primary function as self-defense tools, tactical pens have several other practical uses:

Writing Instrument: Despite their added features, tactical pens retain their original purpose as writing instruments. 

Emergency Glass Breaker: Many tactical pens feature a pointed and hardened tip, designed to break glass in emergencies. This makes them valuable tools for escaping from vehicles or buildings during accidents or other critical situations.

Emergency Whistle: Some tactical pens come with a whistle built in which provides a loud audible signal to attract attention during emergencies if you need help. The downside is that most of the people using the tactical pen or having to pull it out for any reason are probably going to be using it as an attack weapon as opposed to using the whistle function. The whistle is useless if there is no one around or the people around don't want to help.  

Amazon carries several reputable tactical pens. Here are three we think are worthy :

#1. The 6.1" Tactical Pen from Smith & Wesson 
Here are the details:
Pen is made of reliable T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
 Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip and pull-off top making it ideal for everyday carry
Have confidence that this tool will perform when needed for self-defense and blend in when not in use
Pen can be refilled with Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point Cartridges
This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or contact us on the Smith & Wesson website

Smith & Wesson 6.1" Tactical Pen

#2. The 6" Atomic Bear "Swat" Tactical Pen
Introducing the SWAT Pen by the Atomic Bear. It is is a durable tactical pen designed for self-defense and also writing tasks, featuring a comfortable grip and a reliable glass breaker.

Unmatched Extras:
 With exclusive extras like a self-defense online class, spare ink cartridge, and sleek gift packaging, the SWAT 
Pen stands out from the rest and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Unyielding Performance:
 Built from military-grade aluminum, the SWAT Pen excels in performance, boasting a luxury pen's feel and 
weight for unmatched writing and defense capabilities.

Writing Excellence:
 Despite its affordable price, the SWAT Pen offers a smooth and effortless ink transfer, matching the 
quality of luxury pens, and accepts various ink refills.

A Versatile Self-Defense Tool: 
The SWAT Pen's intimidating appearance makes it an excellent non-lethal self-defense tool, with 
a glass breaker tip for emergency situations.

Through the provided online class, users can master self-defense techniques and discover the pen's versatility 
for various tasks, making it an ideal gift loved by security personnel, law enforcement, and civilians alike.

#3. The 5.24" TACRAY EDC Tactical Pen 
The Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Pen is crafted with high-quality materials, featuring a black carbon fiber barrel and a titanium alloy top, clip, and grip. These materials ensure the pen is lightweight, non-rusted, and durable. The pen uses a Schmidt P900M refill from Germany, providing smooth writing and a longer lifespan. Additionally, the pen has an emergency glass breaker tool, using a small round ball made of polished silica for safe and efficient use. It can be conveniently clipped onto pockets or backpacks. The pen also comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee, offering a full refund or replacement for quality-related issues. 

Tacray tactical pen for women