Our Pick for the Best Folding Knife | The Spyderco Para Military 2 

Blade Length: 3.42" 
Overall Length: 8.24" 
Steel: CPM S45VN 
Lock: Compression

Women Who Fight Back is a proud supporter of the Spyderco Para Military 2 Folding Knife. It is made in the USA, pocket friendly, and pure quality. The steel it is made out of is called CPM S45VN, which is a special type of steel that offers improved corrosion and wear resistance. 

The Para Military 2 is also a bit stronger than many of the other Spyderco knives. Many of their knives are made from CPM S30V, which is extremely high quality steel; but, the CPM S45VN is formulated to be a small step above and thus longer lasting for the consumer. Please note that the difference between the two steel materials is not incredibly drastic, but it is worth mentioning. 

The Spyderco Para Military knife has a G10 handle. This simply means that the handle is made from a synthetic blend of woven fiberglass fabric  that had been soaked in epoxy resin and then compressed and baked. This allows the handle to be strong and durable while also being lightweight and easy to handle. 

The lock on the knife is a compression lock. Spyderco has patented its compression lock, one that creates a high-strength, user-friendly locking mechanism. The lock is something ultra important in a folding knife. The last thing an agent would want is to have a knife that malfunctions when needed most. This is why we always choose Spyderco knives. The quality, design, and brand reputation are stellar. 

It is worth the money, every last cent. 

Finally, this particular knife is from their signature collection in a midnight blue color. There are many other colors to choose from but the blue is our pick. Ideally, it will be stashed in a pocket or clipped to the waistband for easy access and use.  When being stored elsewhere, the blue color helps agents identify the knife quickly because there aren't many other gear products that come in midnight blue. The knife stands out amongst other equipment that women might be carrying. 

If you have questions about the legality of carrying a knife in your state, a great resource is https://knifeup.com/knife-laws/

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