Unconventional Travel Safety Hacks Every Adventurous Woman Should Know 

Embarking on a journey as a woman traveler opens up a world of exploration and personal growth. We love traveling too. We are always looking for new places to visit around the world. Before every trip, all of us at Women Who Fight Back explore various safety tips that pertain to the area we are interested in vacationing. 

Despite trying to find new material...we feel like we are reading the same thing regardless of which site we are on.  

Why does every article on the web talk about the most obvious of security measures women should take while traveling? We all know we shouldn't be alone at night walking around dark places. We know we shouldn't wear our most expensive jewelry around the city. 

What other safety and security tricks are they not telling us?

Don't worry - we are here to help everyone out. 

We're here to equip the world with 6 unconventional strategies that can further enhance security while traveling. 

1. Create a "Safety Code" with Friends: 
Before you set off, create a unique safety code with friends you are traveling with and even family back home. Agree on a specific phrase or word that you could use in messages to signal that you need help. Sometimes, this discreet communication method can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations.

2. Use Local Transportation Apps: 
In addition to the popular ride-sharing apps we all know and love, explore local transportation apps in your destination. These apps often have helpful safety features like sharing your ride details with trusted contacts and real-time tracking, 

Here are some examples of ride-share apps from around the world:

Uber: One of the most widely recognized rideshare platforms, 
Uber operates in numerous countries and cities worldwide, making it a convenient option for women travelers.

Lyft: Another popular rideshare service similar to Uber, 
Lyft operates primarily in the United States and select cities internationally, providing a safe and reliable transportation option.

DiDi: A well-known rideshare app in China, DiDi is widely used by 
locals and travelers alike, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to get around in various Chinese cities.

Ola: A leading rideshare platform in India, Ola provides a safe and 
affordable transportation solution for women travelers exploring the country's diverse destinations.

Grab: Operating in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, 
Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, Grab is a popular rideshare app trusted by many female travelers in the region.

Bolt (formerly Taxify): Operating in several European countries and cities, 
Bolt offers a reliable and user-friendly rideshare service for women travelers exploring Europe.

Beat: Commonly used in South American countries, such as Greece, Peru, 
Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, Beat offers a nice and efficient rideshare option for travelers in the region.

3. Employ Reverse Psychology: 
In busy areas, consider using reverse psychology to deter unwanted situations and people. For example, carry a dummy wallet with small change and expired cards, while keeping your actual valuables in a hidden pouch somewhere else on your body. This way, if potential thieves successfully swipe your wallet, they will be upset to find out everything they stole is worthless. 

4. Invest in Portable Hotel Door Alarms:
 For added security in hotels, bring a portable door alarm with you. Some of these devices fit snugly under the door and blare a powerful siren if anyone dares to open it without your approval. There are some other alarms that are small devices which emit loud sounds when attached to doors, alerting you to any unauthorized entry and really providing peace of mind throughout the night.

5. Learn Key Phrases in the Local Language:
OK. This one might be a little basic, but still... language barriers can be a challenge while traveling! Learn key phrases in the local language to seek help from others or ask for directions if your phone doesn't work. This effort not only aids in communication while traveling but also shows respect for the local culture which can help create positive interactions.

6. Select Female Hosts and Guides: 
This isn't 100% going to ensure your safety, but opt for female hosts or guides when choosing homestays or booking guided tours. Female hosts can offer valuable insights into local safety measures and let you know the scoop on what areas women should avoid, if at all possible. Female guides may better understand and cater to your needs as a woman traveler as well.

Bonus: Fake Wedding Ring: 
We love this one. Consider wearing a fake wedding ring, even if you're single, to deter unwanted attention or advances from strangers. Wearing a wedding ring is used in many cultures to signify marriage. Also, if thieves somehow steal your fake wedding ring, it won't hurt quite as bad as if they stole your actual wedding ring. There are some very nice wedding bands that look expensive that are only around $20 or so.  For example, check out this 18K White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Three-in-One Halo Wedding Ring: