"Thoughts About How America Should be in the Future Won't Protect Women in America Today."

Our Stance on Women Using Self-Defense Weapons in the USA

The term self-defense is best described and explained in an article titled "The Study of Violence" by Jason Donison and his team: "The goal of self-defense is not to hurt, punish, or teach your attacker a lesson; the goal is to stop them from abusing and/or hurting you. If you continue to hurt the attacker after they are no longer a threat, you are now committing assault...The goal of self-defense is to return to normalcy. This is before any incident occurred..."

Women Who Fight Back is established in the USA. Our company beliefs and goals are developed from analyzing U.S. concealed/open carry laws, self-defense weapon laws, credible sources that provide crime data, crime trends, social unrest, and much more. 

But here is the kicker - we are analyzing all of this data from a female perspective. 
This female perspective on using self-defense weapons is notably different from a male's perspective. 

We are not a political agency with some hidden agenda of any kind. We do not expect nor desire to effect change in current policies, regulations, or laws concerning the use of self-defense weapons. Our mission is to take cues from our current US society and then suggest methods and tools to help women feel more secure in their daily lives. 

Our products and articles are intended for use by women in the United States. 

Women Who Fight Back must stress that we do not condone using lethal/non-lethal weapons in the United States as a means to cause harm to any human (or animal) except for in situations where self-defense must be used to prevent potentially life-threatening situations from occurring and/or progressing. 

Women Who Fight Back Supports:

1.  Women who know, understand, and stay up-to-date on federal and state firearm/self-defense weapon laws governing where they live
 (in the United States) and act in accordance with those respective laws

2. Women who train with their self-defense weapons on a regular basis

3. Women who use these self-defense weapons as a last resort, when verbal commands and other defense tactics/measures have been exhausted, and only to protect their own physical safety or the physical safety of someone else who is in life-threatening danger

4. Women who avoid dangerous situations and are situationally aware

In fact, fearing for our physical safety is something that occurs at least once a day for women living in the United States. It can be as simple as feeling uncomfortable walking to their car after work. The fear doesn't usually prevent us from doing these tasks, but is still present, popping up in more situations than it ideally should.

We came across one study that shows that men don't fear for their physical safety as much as females do in the majority of situations. Pink shows the percentage of women who fear for their physical safety in the situation listed in the adjacent column. Green shows the same, but for men.:

Source: Farah and Farah. (2021). Sexes sense of safety. Farah and Farah . https://farahandfarah.com/studies/sexes-sense-of-safety/

In fact, women report fear for their physical safety at levels three times those of men. That is a BIG issue. How to go about reducing these fears isn't simple either. The answer especially isn't one that can drawn from idealists or extremists who have no real intention of providing practical solutions women can use today. This company doesn't have time to bash our current society, blame our problems on men, or use any other excuse that focuses on undermining another society in order to prove a point that literally does nothing to help. These actions will not help save American women from being targeted and attacked. We need answers and solutions NOW. We don't have time to waste trying to change a society that is quickly imploding and designed with so many checks and balances that it would take decades to see any results.  
An idealist view of the world, where everyone respects each other and doesn't need to buy weapons for self-defense isn't our current reality in America. It might be something another country is close to achieving; however, that achievement has no impact on America currently. This is why we offer realistic LEGAL solutions to American women that can potentially save their lives in the future. 

What will protect and save the life of a woman living in the US as it currently stands, is having the tools and knowledge necessary to make a choice about defending herself.

What sort of credibility does our company have? Our staff has military backgrounds, law enforcement backgrounds, executive protection backgrounds, governmental organization backgrounds, and more. We are high-level women who haven't sat behind a desk their whole life barking out policies without actually experiencing dangerous situation first hand. Many of us are mothers and are old enough to understand what the reality of the United States has become. Many people who attack our company hold an idealist view of the world, where they see things an ideal manner. They see the world as they would like it to be versus how it actually is. 

The intentions of idealists are noble, but they will not save our American women from danger today. 

Another issue we encounter is from foreign men who believe they know better than women living in America do. How men view the world is different than women. To suggest women should feel safe in a world simply because a man says we should or believes women to be incapable of handling self-defense weapons is misogyny at its finest. The whole point of this company is for women to feel safer in an environment they don't feel safe in. Even if data shows women are less prone to experiencing physical altercations than men, the fear is what we want to reduce. The likelihood of women being in a physical altercation is less than men but women fear being attacked more than men. It's called the "fear of crime gender paradox".

We do not want women who choose to not associate with self-defense weapons to feel bad or judged in any capacity by us. Nor do we want women who strap themselves with three self-defense weapons just to go to the grocery store to feel like they are doing something wrong. 

For example, if a woman doesn't want to carry anything but a purse full of makeup and money - that's her choice. We respect her choice but we don't support it. If this same woman wants to crank her music up in her headphones as she runs solo at 5am around her neighborhood - more power to her. We are truly happy she feels safe enough in her environment to do so. Our goal isn't to create fear for women. We want to provide them with the tools so they feel even SAFER. 

Ideally, everyone could live a life without fear. Ideally, we could all live in a place where people would conform to all governmental regulations and attacks on females didn't exist. Who wouldn't want a world like that?

 If a woman not interested in self-defense comes across our company online - she can simply find another website to look at. 
Our site most likely won't appeal to her anyway, and that's acceptable.  

It would be like a woman who doesn't care to wear makeup, accidentally stumbling upon a makeup website. She might look at it, roll her eyes and exit out. That's ok for her to do that. She might even think, "In a perfect world, women would feel just as beautiful without makeup as they do wearing it." We value what this woman personally believes but there is no way she will convince most of our staff to toss out their makeup collection. That's not realistically going to happen since the reality is that American women have been socialized to believe makeup is a good thing. In fact, 84% of American women have worn makeup in the past year.  

Our goal is to provide each woman with hard data, resources, and tools so that she can make her own choice about whether or not she wants to join our family of self-defense weapon users or not. 

People who attempt to create scenarios that are based on unfounded broad generalizations about firearm/self-defense weapon users in the United States or who condescendingly attempt to inculcate their own foreign society's governmental regulations are truly wasting their time reaching out to us. Our goal is to protect US women from the everyday threats they might face by providing knowledge, tools, and resources suggested by credible women who have backgrounds in military, law enforcement, and/or security fields.